Emintad - Investment Banking - Strategic & Financial Advisory

Investment BankingInvestment Banking

Emintad can assist its clients on a number of investment banking activities, including M&A, company sales and divestments, restructuring, fund raising, IPOs and equity transactions.

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Strategic AdvisoryStrategic Advisory

Emintad has developed its abilities to provide feasibility assessment to strategic corporate decisions, with a prime focus on customers that are interested in developing a better understanding of an industry/vertical in a specific country.

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Asset ManagementAsset Management

Emintad provides a broad array of specialized investment strategies and innovative solutions across market capitalization and industry to institutional and private investors. It clearly delineate risk profiles, responsibilities and allocate the portfolio into the desired assets. Emintad runs its asset management activities through Golden Eagle Capital Advisors, Inc. (GECA-US) a wholly owned subsidiary.

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Our Values


‘Ethic’ states for the set of values we need to look at in order to fairly proceed while running our activities. In the financial world, recently there has been a disconnection between ethic and finance.
Emintad, in this context, adopts a responsible consideration looking at the possible consequences of its actions on the common good, using ‘ethic’ as a cornerstone of its financial projects. In this way Emintad creates a relationship with its clients and partners based primarily on trust and honesty.


The concept of partnership is at the core of our philosophy. The ‘John Nash equilibrium’ states that cooperation between individuals can lead them reach better results.
Emintad, thanks to its people and to its foundations all over the world, benefits of an extended and reliable networking. It allows the company to find a common view, to generate synergies and to create long lasting relationships characterized by an ongoing exchange of objectives and informations.


Before undertake a new project it is always necessary to run a feasibility analysis considering all the areas involved into the activity. ‘We get what You measure’, that is the motto at Emintad; this sentence enclosed the capacity of the company to gather a deep knowledge of the partner/client and to understand its needs in order to provide tailor made solutions. Following this path it comes out the true feasibility of the activity. Therefore Emintad takes a commitment only where it sees a feasible delivery of a project.


Promotion means to create the value that will become part of the background of a company in terms of good track record. It can be interpreted also as the main tool used to extend the brand awareness.
More specifically Emintad exploits its resources to improve its target’s bank ability level as follows: starting using its big networking, continuing with the construction of the arrangement, closing with a plan’s projection in the future remaining connected with the various counterparts.

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